List of Monographs
Mono. No. Author Monographs Download
2 Jandhyala B.G.Tilak Rural-Urban Inequalities in Education : A Study of Returns to Education, Human Capital Formation and Earnings Differentiation.
3 Papers and Proceedings of a Seminar Organized by CMDR Fiscal Management in the Indian Economy: Issues and Policy Options
4 Vasant Gumaste Home-growing of Industrial Technologies: Did India Bite more than it could chew?
5 P.K.Umashankar A General Overview of the Implications of Liberalisation for the Education Sector
6 B.Siva Reddy Subsidies to Higher Education: The Equity Issue
7 K.Raghavendra Rao & P.R.Panchamukhi Health and the Indian Constitution
8 Fiscal Components of New Economic Policy and the Social Sector: Some Reflections P.R.Panchamukhi No PDF
9 Morbidity and Under-nutrition: Two Pilot Studies- CMDR, Dharwad. Papers and Proceedings of a Seminar Organised by CMDR No PDF
10 Muhammad Anisur Rehman, Bangladesh. Can We Represent the People?
11 K.R.Shah Issues Involved in the Privatisation of Health Services in India
12 V.R.Panchamukhi State, Market and Planning: Crisis of Co-existence
13 V.R.Panchamukhi An Integrated Paradigm for Development: Whether Development Process in the Asian Countries?
14 P.R.Panchamukhi Research in Economics of Education: A Thematic Trend Report
15 P.Geetha Rani Indian Macro-Econometric Models and Monetary Fiscal Nexus: A Survey
16 Anil Mudbidri Role of Dharwad in the Socio-Economic Reconstruction of North Karnataka
17 Papers and Proceedings of a Seminar Organised by CMDR Role of Banks in Rural Development - A Micro- level study (CMDR Study).
18 Suresh Kulkarni. Liberalization, Ethnic Relations and Employment Opportunity: Some Theoretical Considerations
19 P. R. Panchamukhi. Development Experience in the Indian Economy: Inter State Perspectives on Education and Health
20 Gopal K. Kadekodi. Participatory Development in the Midst of Economic Reforms Process?
21 P. R. Panchamukhi North-South Divide: Karnataka's Development Scenario
22 Jayakumar Anagol Primary Education Before and After Independence
23 A. R. Panchamukhi Tobacco in Ancient Indian Literature
24 K. R. Shah Inflation and Economic Growth: The Indian Expenditure
25 Rajkumar Sen. & - K. C. Roy Provision of Publish Health in Low Income Countries: (Problems, Reforms and Lessons for India)
26 Gopal K. Kadekodi Root Causes of Bio-Diversity Losses in Chilika Lake
27 Gopal. K. Kadekodi State of Development & Environment: Challenges for the next Century.
28 Gopal K. Kadekodi Valuation & Accounting for Environmental Resources.
29 V. B. Annigeri Control of Tobacco Cultivation. (Action and Reaction Are Equal and Not Opposite).
30 P. R. Panchamukhi Agricultural Diversification as a Tool for Tobacco Control.
31 Gopal.K. Kadekodi Regional Disparity Revisited: The Case Of Karnataka
32 V.B.Annigeri Tobacco Related Diseases: So Far So Bad
33 Nayantara.S.N Tobacco: National And International Perspectives (Based On Press Report) 1995-99
34 Sailabala Debi Some Aspects Of Tobacco Cultivation: Empirical Evidence From Village Level Data
35 P. R. Panchamukhi Social Sector Developments and Economic Reforms " A Study with a Focus on the Education Sector"
36 P.R.Pachamukhi & N.S.Nayak Peoples participation in health "Repayment mechanism through helthcare cooperative"
37 Arbindo Mishra Economic Reforms, Government finances and Public spending on Social Sector
38 Gopal.K. Kadekodi Status of Health and Medical Care in India : A Macro Perspective
39 S. Puttaswamaiah Economic Reforms and Health Sector : Some Lessons From International Experience
40 Nayanatara S. N. Economic Reforms and Health Sector in India with special reference to Orissa, Karnataka and Maharashtra - Reflection from NSS 28th, 42nd and 52nd Rounds
42 V B Annigeri Health Sector Scenario in the States of Karnataka, Maharashtra & Orissa : Inter Temporal Data Analysis
43 Rama Baru Privatisation of Health Care in India with a special focus on Karnataka, Orissa & Maharashtra
44 Aravind M. Badiger, Nayanatara. S. N. Under the guidance of Gopal k. Kadekodi Economic reforms and drug policy : a micro level analysis
45 CMDR National Social Science Policy (NSSP), 2003 - Adraft for consideration - CMDR
46 Gopal K. Kadekodi, Mallesh N.S, Seema S. Hegde What do the People say about Health Care Facilities?
47 Manoj K. Dash & Arabinda Mishra External assistance for health sector: trends and impact during economic reforms, with a special reference to Orissa
48 P. R. Panchamukhi, Puttaswamaiah S. Morbidty status, utilisation and cost of treatment: a comparative study in the selected states :
49 Mihir K. Mahapatra Societal Goals of Commercial Banks in India : Promise and Reality
50 Rajesh Raj Structure, Employment and Productivity Growth in the Indian Unorganized Manufacturing Sector: An Industry Level Analysis
51 V. B. Annigeri People’s Participation in Health Care Delivery :An Appraisal of Action Research
52 Sailabaladebi & E Mahesh Development of Education of Scheduled Tribes in Orissa: The Role of PESA Act
53 P. Geetha Rani An International Perspective on the Methods and Practices of Student Loans: Its Implications for India
54 R. R. Biradar and Shoukat Ali M Institutional Credit Flow to Agriculture under Kisan Credit Card Scheme in India: Emerging Trends and Patterns
55 G. A. Tadas Indian Banking - Challenges of Globalization
56 Sailabaladebi Loan Financing to Higher Education: Experiences of Bank Financing In A Less Developed Region
57 Prasannakumar Barik Evaluation of Hedging Effectiveness for CNX Bank and Nifty Index Futures
58 Abdul Aziz and Siddalingaswami V Hangodimath Implementation of D. M. Nanjundappa Committee Recommendations for Redressal of Regional Imbalance
59 Shaji S. Issues of Governance in the Service Delivery in North Karnataka: A Perspective
60 Shiddalingaswami H and Raghavendra V K Regional Disparities in Karnataka: A District Level Analysis of Growth and Development
61 S. Puttaswamaiah Financing Higher Education : A Study of Educational Loans
63 Jai Prabhakar S C Socio-Cultural Dimensions of Development in North Karnataka
64 G. K. Kadekodi Converting Common Lands for Mining: Lessons from India
65 Vinish Kathuria, Rajesh Raj, Kunal Sen Productivity Measurement in Indian Manufacturing : A Comparison of Alternative Methods
66 Nayanatara S. Nayak Economic Feasibility of Alternative Biomass energy sources to Fuel wood in flue curing of Virginia Tobacco: an Accounting Exercise for a Tobacco growing region in India
67 P.S. Mundinmani Mobilization of Finances by Panchayat Raj Institutions: A Comparative Study of Selected GP’s in North and South Karnataka Districts
68 Shiddu H and Abdul Aziz District level Development Disparities in Karnataka
69 Prasannakumar Barik Socio-Economic Implications from Indian ‘Banking’: An Empirical Appraisal Study
70 Vinish Kathuria, Rajesh Raj, Kunal Sen The effects of Economic Reforms on Manufacturing Dualism: Evidence from India
71 G. K. Kadekodi Possibilities of Going on Green Economic path
72 Peter Rosner From Mercantilism to the Austrian School Economics at the University of Vienna
73 Gopal K Kadekodi Siddalingaswami V Hangodimath Relevance of Development for People to Vote
74 Siddalingaswami V Hangodimath Critical Analysis of Dr. D M Nanjundappa Committee Report and its Implementation
75 K. Srinivasalu Agrarian Crisis and Farmers’ Sucides : Reflecting on the Green Revolution Model
76 Gopal K Kadekodi Economics of Make in India
77 Vinod B. Annigeri Arunkumar R. Kulkarni Dattatreya. R. Revankar Evaluation of Regional Development Boards of Karnataka
78 Arunkumar R.Kulkarni Contribution of Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFPS) to State Economy: A Case Study of Karnataka
79 Vinod B.Annigeri Inter-State Water Sharing: Cauldron of River Mahadayi
80 Shreelata Rao Seshadri Linking Health, Nutrition and Education: Lessons for the future
81 Liam Buckley Anthropological Studies of Photographic Practice and the Aesthetics of Disinterest
82 Gopal K Kadekodi Historical Thoughts on Property Rights on Women and Gender
83 Vinod B Annigeri Inter-State Water Sharing: Cauldron of River Mahadayi (Kannada Version)
84 M. H. Bala Subrahmanya Small and Medium Enterprises Development in India Retrospect and Prospects
85 Ravindra H. Dholakia Sacrifice Ratio and Cost of Inflation for the Indian Economy
86 Nayanatara S.Nayak, D. Rajasekhar Narayan Billava Improving the Knowledge on the Functioning of Decentralized Governance: A Study of Grama Panchayat Presidents in Dharwad District, Karnataka
87 V. R. Panchamukhi Holistic Development: The Strategy for the New India
88 James Mayall Liberalism, Nationalism and the Contemporary International Order
89 Sudarshan Iyengar, Nimisha Shukla Financing Education in Gandhi’s Thought Perspective
90 Prachitha J and Khalil Shah Making of State Agricultural Policy: A Demonstration
91 Vinod B. Annigeri Education Accounts: A Tool for Managing Educational Finances Prototype for Discussion
92 K. L. Krishna Glimpses of the Literature on International Inequality and Catch-up
93 Naregal Veena Historicizing Development Discourse & Higher Education Policy in India
94 Ravi Kanbur The Role of the World Bank in Middle Income Countries
95 Dr R. K. Mishra, Dr Geeta Potaraju The Experience of Decentralization in India
96 Devi G N Myth, Science and Writing: A Valediction to Social sciences
97 Gopal K Kadekodi Inclusive Development: A Paradigmic Analysis for Karnataka
98 Kaliappa Kalirajan Renewable Energy Economy:The Impact of Private Financing
99 Vinod B. Annigeri Siddalingaswami V Hangodimath Regional Imbalances in Karnataka Revisited: Reflections on Financing for a Balanced Regional Development
100 M. A. Kalam Migration Dynamics: Networking, Ethnicity, Identity and Schism
101 G. K. Kadekodi Taking Values of Agri-Ecosysems to Policy Making
102 Gopal K Kadekodi and S V Hanagodimath POWER OF VOTING FOR DEVELOPMENT: Karnataka’s recent experience
103 T. Krishna Kumar Consumption Deprivation as an Objective Poverty Measure: An Engelian Approach
104 ವಿ. ಬಿ. ಅಣ್ಣಿಗೇರಿ ಏ. ಆರ್. ಕುಲಕರ್ಣಿ ಡಿ. ಆರ್. ರೇವಣಕರ್ ರೈತರ ಸಾಲಮನ್ನಾ ಯೋಜನೆ : ನಾವು ಸಂದಿಗ್ಧತೆಯಲ್ಲಿ ಸಿಲುಕಿದ್ದೇವೆಯೇ? ಎಂಬ ವಿಷಯದ ಮೇಲೆ ಚರ್ಚ್ಚಾಗೋಷ್ಠಿ
105 S V Hanagodimath Regional Disparity in Per Capita Income in India: A Study on Inter-state and Intra-state Analysis
106 Priyanka Dasgupta & Subrata Mukherjee Incidence and Correlates of Distressed Financing for Inpatient Care by Households in India: Evidence from National Sample Survey 71st Round Data
107 S.S.Patagundi Foreign Policy Analysis and Decision Making Issues
108 Satish Y. Deodhar Pre-Kautilyan Period: Crucible of Proto-Economic Ideas and Practices
62 Dr. Barik Prasanna Kumar Banking and Development : Observations in Reforms’ Era
109 Shashanka Bhide Synergies in India’s Service Sector Growth and Economic Development: An Assessment No PDF