Action Research

The institute has been making sincere efforts to emphasise on action research since its formal recognition till date. Broadly action research facilitates implementation of major research findings to assist various groups of population confronted with major problems. A judicious combination of theoretical research with action research can benefit the community in addressing day-to-day problems encountered by them. In this context, one of the major studies under taken by the center aims at understanding the impact of federal finance on the provision of health care services. To be specific, the morbidity and nutritional status of the community was examined to analyse whether health care services were in tune with the needs of the community or not? Similarly, in another project study sponsored by IDRC/RITC, Canada, the institute motivated the farmers to change the pattern of cultivation, i.e., from tobacco to other major cereals or cash crops. Even some of them were persuaded with incentive offer to opt for dairy farming. The followings reflects involvement of the institute in various action research programmes. - (Year-2000)

Mission Possible

As part of awareness campaign against production of tobacco, Prof P.R.Panchamukhi (right) is offering a packet of soybean seeds to a farmer (left) of project village ‘Sidnal’.

No Room for Growth of Cancer

The Regional Manager, Syndicate Bank is offering financial assistance to the farmers in ‘Sidnal’ village to buy buffalo. The farmers have been persuaded not produce tobacco anymore.

Miracles Do Happen

In an effort to promote white revolution at the cost of tobacco production, a farmer of ‘Sidnal’ village has been motivated to purchase buffalo.

Welcome Beginning ( Year-2003 )

As part of UNDP Action Research Project, the Panchayat President of project village (Morab) is inaugurating ‘Samudaya Arogya Kendra (Community Health Centre)’.