List of Projects Completed

Agriculture and Rural Development

Sl. No. Title Agency Year View / Download
1 Environmental impact assessment report on markandayya reservoir project GOK 1998
2 Million Well scheme in Goa
3 Concurrent evaluation of Million Wells Scheme in India Ministry of Rural Development 2001
4 Dynamics of rural development: Lesson from Ralegaon Siddi GOK 2002
5 Incidence and effects of drought : A case study for Karnataka
6 Evaluation study of irrigation projects supported under RIDF in karnataka NABARD, Mumbai 2013
7 Formulation and rehabilitation and resettlement policy frame work for upper krishna project stage-III KBJNL, Bangalore 2013
8 Microscoping on MGNREGS in Dharwad District D M Nanjundappa chair, CMDR, Dharwad 2019
9 Crop insurance in Karnataka-Solutions for a challenged sector Karnataka Agriculture Price Commission, GOK 2017
10 Impact of Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme MGNREGS on development of scheduled caste lands: A study in Karnataka ICSSR, New Delhi 2019
11 Problem of Technology difusion in the farm sector rain fed and semi rain fed regions NABARD 1994
12 An Assessment of womens economic Contribution to the farm sector during SAP Dept.of women and Child Development, Ministry of HRD, GOI, New Delhi 2001