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 Recent Updated:21-02-2018

Orientation Programme on ‘Relevance of Anthropology in the Contemporary Society’


(An ICSSR Institute)

Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Nagar, Near Y. Shettar Colony, Dharwad-580004 (Karnataka). www.cmdr.ac.in

Orientation Programme


‘Relevance of Anthropology in the Contemporary Society’

(Sponsored by Indian Council of Social Science Research, New Delhi)

 February- 15, 2018 at CMDR


As Ruth Benedict said, ‘The purpose of anthropology is to make the world safe for human differences’. Diversity is a fact of life and a wonderful part of the human experience. Anthropology helps to understand full sweep and complexity of cultures across all of human history. It speaks about the issues of multiculturalism, multi-ethnicity, multilingual, social justice etc. To be brief, the subject area of anthropology will be helpful in transferring a plurality by evolving a liberal and scientific viewpoint in all the social, cultural, economic and political fields in modern India.

Anthropology in India has moved a long way since it was first introduced at Calcutta University in Kolkatta during the year 1921. After the independence of the country, the study of Anthropology has gradually been on the increase in the Indian universities. Anthropology can no more be considered exclusively as an academic discipline, its knowledge offers to resolve many problems with policy options. Today, its concepts and understandings are increasingly employed by various other subject experts and academicians also. It has many practical advantages: as a remedy for ethnocentrism (compare with different civilized and primitive societies), scientific viewpoint towards social problems (removes preconceptions and imparts scientific perspective), helps in solving problems (comparative analysis of people behavour in social circumstances), as a remedy against all kinds of social prejudices etc. For a country like India, with diverse people inhabiting for centuries gives lots of scope to analyse and understand the human nature and behavior in the fullest way possible. Many anthropologists have studied India, given us better insights into public welfare policies and approached towards the notable concepts in social sciences.

In this backdrop, on the occasion of Anthropology day, CMDR is organizing an orientation programme on ‘Relevance of Anthropology in the contemporary society’ on February 15th, 2018 in CMDR, Dharwad to understand the scope and prospects of anthropology in today’s perspective. The programme is particularly meant for the students, research scholars and faculty members of different social science disciplines and more specific to the discipline of anthropology in colleges, university departments, research institutions etc. We hope the students of social sciences and anthropology will gain knowledge on the relevance, contributions of anthropology for the broader understanding of the Human diversity and complexities.

We at CMDR have the honour and pleasure of inviting you to this event.

Interested participants are requested to register for the programme (Application format attached).  The registration is open and free of cost.  Submit your application to the address mentioned below on or before 10th February 2018.


Programme Director

Orientation Programme – January 2018

Centre for Multi-disciplinary Development Research (CMDR),

Dr. B.R Ambedkar Nagar,

Near Y.Shettar Colony,

Dharwad-580004, Karnataka


Phone: 0836 2460453    

Email: anthroprabhakar@gmail.com


For more details please contact:

Dr. S.C. Jai Prabhakar

Programme Director

Mobile: 9986288626

Please click here for Application Format

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